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    Glaze tile decorative covering is a beautiful covering in various colors and sizes, which is easy to be installed on different surfaces such as glass, flooring tile, wall, stone as well as painted surfaces, using a strong adhesive.
    It is made from aluminum and polyethylene in three layers.
    Glaze tile covering is produced in the form of tile in the dimensions of 31×31 cm. The tiles can be cut into smaller sizes. In addition to the existing colors, Glaze tile covering can be produced and supplied in various other colors using nano-technology.
    Glaze tile covering can also be supplied in a mixture of colors and different design.

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    18.08. Diversity as a painting
    Recently the group has been able to do a model of sorting by combination of sizes and colors can be complicated graphics like a beautiful painting to show

    13.06. Sales representative in Iran and Turkey
    From today you can order our products in Iran and Turkey, it can go to the Contact us via email or call our representatives get in touch.

    07.04. MBO Website Group Started today
    Explore the company's website launched today, and you can contact us through the website and get the latest information about our products.

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